I’m fucking rad

I’m a communications, fundraising and brand strategist based in Brighton

I’ve been working with charities for over 20 years, half of it charity side and half agency.

I’ve never met these kids, I have no idea who they are

My working methodology

Meet daily

Strip out everything non-essential

What have we learned from yesterday?

What will we achieve today?

What do we aspire to achieve this week?

Take a full hour for lunch

What people say

“It’s at Kall Kwik, having “Holy Moly, completely Bum-Holey” printed on the back.”

― Some random on Tweeter

Get off the bloody pavement, you’re too old to be riding around on one of those things!

― Someone I almost ran over on my scooter

About me

Stoically anti-guru, and still learning every day.



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